Saturday, February 26, 2011

Dress Shirt 101: Cuff Types

If you haven't noticed by now, cuffs come in various styles. I will introduce to you the 5 most common types, starting with the fancy pantsy French Cuffs:

French Cuffs: These are good for formal occasions because the fold-up construction of the cuffs adds weight and shape to the ends of the sleeves. Cufflinks are necessary to keep the cuffs closed. Since cufflinks are essentially men's wrist bling, they make the shirt look dressy.

Cutaway Cuffs: The name says it all. The corner of the cuff is cut diagonally to create that "not-so-special-but-more-interesting-than-a-regular-cuff" style.

Rounded Double Button Cuffs: Again, the name speaks for itself. Some guys tell me they don't like this style because they find the extra button a hassle.


Huh? Really?

Rounded Cuffs: These guys are as common as the lint between your toes.

Square Cuffs: If you don't know what you want for cuffs, just go with these. You can't go wrong with square cuffs.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello, End of Feburary

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Ah, cold frigid Feburary. Last night, temperatures dipped down to a record breaking low of -8 degrees. It's just like Winter all over again. At least we're getting some sun.

A lot of our customers noticed that we had been closed for a few days. We apologize for our brief absence.

Anda and I made a trip down to Los Angeles to visit a couple of old business partners from way way back. A friendly and dedicated pair, Peter and Winnie, moved from Vancouver to L.A. ten years ago and started a dry-cleaning business in Monterey Park, offering quality products and services at very affordable prices! Pay them a visit the next time you're in L.A. and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Our trip to L.A. included little side excursions to lovely Santa Monica and Santa Barbara. I love the laidback atmosphere and the palm lined streets. Very emblematic of California! Too bad it was nippy when we were there.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sleeves Too Short?

Don't try to wish your arms were shorter because that isn't going to happen.

What you could do is bring your jacket with the too-short sleeves into Balsam Custom Tailors so we could do this:

We added another half inch to the overall length. See the difference?

Too cool, huh?