Monday, March 28, 2011

The Rossi's Rock! (Part 2)

While Jacob ranks high on the handsome scale wearing his new custom suit, his dad Moreno, sits solidly at the top. Moreno's suit is made out of a ribbed texture wool cloth that makes it slightly more interesting than a plain old black suit. Excellent choice, I say!

May I point your attention to his impeccable taste in hats? Tell me, who knows style more than a man clad in a sleek custom suit, topped off with a fedora on his head?

Cloth #: RKC 6022

Moreno's custom suit price: $780 + HST

Thank you Rossi's for letting me show you guys off!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Rossi's Rock! (Part 1)

They rock because they let me take pictures of them. They didn't want to at first but I basically shoved a model release form into their faces and pressured them into signing it. We have a "no signature--no nice suit to take home" policy at Balsam Custom Tailors.

Just kiddng.

Moreno and Jacob fought each other to be the star of this post. It was a tough battle. Punches were thrown. Blood was shed. Clothes were torn. Hair was ripped. Then I had to come between the two of them to settle the issue. I made them both stars.

I lie again.

I simply asked and they said "yes". See how boring that sounds?

I want to showcase both their suits because the cloths they picked are superb!

Jacob, the groom, picked a fine-stripe silky wool cloth that has a bit of sheen to it. It looks and drapes really well.

Cloth #: RKC 58340

Jacob opted for the regular size lapel. A classic!

Looks like we need to put some sunnies on that happy face of his!

Jacob's Custom Made Suit Price: $780

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Website Launch!

After many months of planning, organizing, graphic designing, programming, writing, picture shooting, Balsam Custom Tailors' official website has finally been launched at the start of this week! How exciting!

I love the design and layout very much. Its clean, sleek and modern design reflects who we are and our products at Balsam Custom Tailors.

Nobuko Takasu, Art Director at Adnovation Design, has an innate sense of style and she understood immediately upon meeting me exactly what I was after. She basically read my mind!

I hope everyone will find that our new website is easy to navigate. If you love us, please tell your friends about us! Thank you for your continued support and it is our passion to provide you exceptional service!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Little Black Jacket

Us girls have our "Little Black Dress (LBD)". We all know how great it is. It flatters any body shape and matches with any accessory, handbag or shoe. The LBD is appropriate for any occasion depending on how you dress it up or dress it down.

Well gents, there's no need to be all green-eyed with envy. You have your "Little Black Jacket (LBJ)". The word "little" is used in the sense that your jacket is nicely fitted and not billowy.

The LBJ is a smart choice for lazy males who can't afford a sliver of time to put together handsome outfits. Feel free to try any of the following combinations of clothing items with the LBJ and you will look cool as ice:

A. T-shirt + Jeans + LBJ
B. Dress shirt + Jeans + LBJ
C. Casual button-up shirt + shorts + LBJ
D. Dress shirt + Tie + Khakis + LBJ

A young man called Jadan came in one day and said to us, "I want a black jacket to look cool!" And so we produced a black jacket that made him look cool. In fact, he looked so cool with it on that I had to take his pictures.

A combination of a Mandarin collar shirt, some jeans and his LBJ.

Custom Made Little Black Jacket -100% Wool, $580