Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stay Warm in a Hot Chocolate Suit

Holy! Wait a minute here. It's January?! I looked outside my window this morning and thought it was still November. Darn rain clouds! It's easy to forget what month we're in considering most of our months are indistinguishable. Fluffy white snow would've been a more welcoming sight.

Us Van City folks are experts in staving off the evil wet winter blues, aren't we? We're world champions of perpetualy cold, dark, drizzly weather.  Vancouver is where you'll see day blend seamlessly into night. So seamlessly, that we can't even tell day from night or night from day. Waking up would be a big confusion if it weren't for those alarm clocks screaming into our ears in the early morning, to remind us to get our little butts out of bed and into work.  We make our fellow Earth mates down in the Southern Hemisphere confused. They wonder why we put ourselves through such needless torment--living up here in the North and all.

Winters are always tough here. It's never truly the ideal white winter that we all dream of. We get mostly the wet stuff in Vancouver. 

Alright, it's not that bad. There are perks to living in this gloomy city: If you wait long enough, say maybe about 9-10 months, you get a wonderful 2-3 months of mild summer. What's not to like about that?!

That's one perk. I'll let you figure out the rest when you warm weather folks come here.

While all you Southern Hemisphere people get to bask in the abundance of sweet sweet sunlight, us Vancouverites have gotten pretty creative when it comes to keeping ourselves toasty. Fuzzy blankets, blazing fireplace, woolie socks, steaming hot cocoa, brawny boyfriends to curl up to, sizzling hot girlfriends to cozy up to, fine tailored suits, and...

YAH, that's right! We have nice suits! And Balsam Tailors make them. TAKE THAT!

Balsam Tailors make scorching hot suits. That's how we roll up on the West Coast. ;)

And George here, is decked out in all Balsam gear. Shirt + Suit.

You've got mad skills George! Hope you're keeping warm in that h-h-hot chocolate suit.

And thanks for sending in this picture!