Thursday, February 7, 2013

Navy Blazers Are Making A Comeback!

Actually, that's not true. They never even left us. Not once. Like jeans, they will never go away. Never.  Ever. Do you have one of these navy closet staples?

Everybody, this is Ana. She's just awesome. Aside from being so pleasant and vivacious, she also has impeccable style in clothing. She knows what works with her body and what doesn't. She knows exactly what flatters her curves and what hides them. She also knows what garment is worth investing in and what's not. When you put all that knowledge together, what do you get?

Ana in a luxurious silk-lined cashmere blazer:

We provided the pillowy soft cashmere for this project and Ana brought in her own colourful silk lining. Together with Ana's ideas and our seamstresses' knowledge and skills, we were able to produce this flattering and eternally stylish plush navy blazer.

We really had fun working with you, Ana! And thanks for the hug! Haha ;)