Friday, September 30, 2011

If This Isn't Sexy, I Don't Know What Is.

I'm really not someone who likes to toot my own horn (at least not very loudly! tee hee) but I have to say it this time: Devin's custom made suit is a true piece of perfection. The cut, style, texture and material work harmoniously together.

We also have to give credit to Devin's athletic physique. He's a tall kid with a lean muscular body who can really pull off that slim fit trend that the Brits fancy so much.

Here's why I LOVE LOVE LOVE this suit:

1. THE COLOUR: Midnight Blue - Black to me always seems too formal (a black suit is better left for weddings, funerals and the times when the director of an MIB sequel needs a stand-in.) Navy screams "I'm wearing this suit to make myself look more approachable but in fact, I'm going to aggressively sell you something you may not even need." Devin's suit color is in between blue and black, which I think is supremely stylish and oozes sophistication. Chick's will dig it.

2. THE SHADOW STRIPES: A man with little fashion sense or is timid about stepping outside his comfort zone may find pin-stripes...daunting. Making a patterned suit work for you requires effort and let's face it, most guys aren't fashion savvy and really don't care how navy looks amazing with lavender. It's a girl's job to know how to look good, right? ;) So, that's why I recommend shadow stripes (alternating stripes of a dark and a light shade of the same colour). If you go this route, you don't need to worry about matching your stripes to your shirt, tie, shoes, glasses, rings, belt, eye colour, nose piercing, car, hair and so forth. You'd still be kicking up your style a notch because your suit has texture.

3. THE CUT: It's all about the sexy skinny fit nowadays. 'Nuff said.

4. THE STYLE: I have a weakness for peaked lapels. It was a big trend that started in the 1920's and carried on until the 1930's. The style re-emerged during the 70's and has now been a hot trend for the last couple of years. Peaked lapels make you look smart. Together with a the two-button closure, they elongate your torso and make you look tall.

Devin clearly has a keen sense of style. He tops off his new suit with a pair of unique semi-glossy shoes and a black-placket front shirt.

This boy is gifted.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Behind the Scene Shots: Waistcoat, PART 1

Here's a rare look on the making of a waistcoat in its early stages.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Murray's Getting Married

This is Murray. He sports a head of lush long locks and an awesome beard which I'm guessing he will not shave off just because he's getting married. It's an extremely well-groomed beard though, I must say. He'd probably look like a baby if he were to get rid of it completely--which is maybe why he even has a beard in the first place. I bet he doesn't want to look like a baby getting married. Can you imagine? A baby getting married? That is too strange for anybody to imagine. I hope you don't try to imagine that. If you're reading this Murray, I hope you don't mind this self-discussion of your beard. I genuinely think your beard is awesome! I swear, really.

I'm a little nervous about writing again which explains the babbling. I've been absent from the world of blogging and I'm perfectly aware of that, so I apologize. Summer's been keeping me nice and busy. I'm really happy to be back though.

Murray was kind enough to let me photograph him wearing our waistcoat. From what I hear, his wedding attire as well as the bride's will be unconventional. I'm a fan of unconventional. I love traditional too but being unconventional amplifies the uniqueness and beauty of a couple's wedding.

Murray wanted a burgundy waistcoat that would match the colour of his bride's dress (Isn't that cool? Step aside, boring white!) and so we made this for him:

The "how-could-anybody-resist-giving-me-what-I-want" look. It's pretty darn powerful, I'll tell you that. I had to pull $50 out of my wallet for him to take this picture. Haha!

Murray couldn't contain his emotions when I asked him about his beard grooming regimen. Err, not that I have a beard or anything...

Because my inquisitiveness moved him, he gave me back my $50.
We received a lot of stares from passers-by (especially the ladies because they were jealous that I got to photograph Murray who possibly could pass for a GQ model). So, we came up with an idea that would help deflect those stares:

Murray pretended to ponder about stuff and not know me while I pretended to take pictures of Balsam's storefront and pretended not to know Murray.

It worked and I got my picture!
This is Murray's backside. A totally unintentional shot. He spotted a man with a comparable beard and his eyes followed.

Thank you for participating Murray. I wish you a beautiful marriage. :D

Custom Waistcoat: $230 + HST (Labour and Lining)