Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hip Navy!

Alan and his fiancée, Chloe, found us online. His fiancée is a fan of the Balsam blog and has been following it closely. Imagine how flattered I was to hear that and to see them in the store! And they're such a sweet and polite couple! 

They came in with the hopes of having a slim-fit suit made for their wedding in February. They wanted something in navy.

There has been an increasing demand in the past year or so for navy suits as the choice of suit colour for the modern day groom. The main reason, according to a lot of our male customers, is because a navy suit doesn't look as formal as the traditional black wedding suit. Newly wedded males can stay dapper in that very same navy suit they got married in at work or at parties! 

Take a look at Alan's brand new custom slim-fit suit. If you're wondering what pairs well with a navy suit, consider a pair of light to medium brown leather shoes and a dress shirt in shades of light blue, light pink or purple. 

Congratulations again Alan and Chloe! Thanks for being in our post! :)