Monday, September 14, 2015

Best Year-Round Suit

Betty was looking for a versatile, easy-to-maintain, medium weight, non-wrinkly and comfortable grey suit to wear for any occasion all year round. 

Voila! We paired her up with an easy-to-wear budget friendly "Wool (70%) + Polyester (30%)" medium grey suit. With a wool-polyester suit, you get everything you want in a suit:

1. The breathable and moisture-wicking properties of wool
2. Medium weight wool that doesn't feel heavy
3. The texture of fine wool that's soft to the touch
4. Lowered cost due to the added synthetic material
5. The durability of polyester
6. The non-wrinkling property of polyester
7. Ease of ironing at home if necessary (but we always recommend taking it to a professional for pressing)

Check out what we built for Betty:

I really love these high-shine dress shoes by John Vluefog. The gold trim adds so much elegance to it.
Thanks Betty for sharing your suit!