Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Men Can Have Wedding Stress Too (But Not Colin. He Seems Pretty Chill.)

Colin and his fiance came in for their fitting session last week. He had ordered an off-white shirt to go with a warm grey suit. It was for their upcoming wedding. Such a sweet couple, always joking around with each other.  I really enjoy meeting happy couples and learning about their stories--it always gives me the warm fuzzies. 

Getting a suit made for your special day involves choosing the right tailor and putting your trust into him/her. It can be a stressful process for the couple getting married because there's the anticipation that your custom clothes will and should come out the way you want them to come out. 

Working with Anda and I, you will get the close attention that you deserve. We supervise the construction of your garments from inception to the end. That should help take some weight off your shoulders when you've got a million other wedding-related tasks to tend to. 

Needless to say, we are extremely happy that Colin and his fiance picked us to help make their wedding story.

Check out Colin's suit paired with his high-top Converse. He had brought dress shoes but he mentioned that he'll be wearing new custom Converses at his wedding, so I figured why not get a little preview to see what the suit will look like with canvas shoes:

Thanks for modelling, Colin!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Feel The Difference.

This is Danny. And we're super grateful that he happily agreed to let us feature him on our blog wearing our custom shirts and pants. When he shops for ready-made clothes, his main issue is trying to find a shirt that fits in the waist.

Most guys with broad shoulders usually have this problem: Shirts that fit in the shoulders never fit properly at the waist. We know this to be true for Danny because he's brought in several store-bought shirts already to have the waist slimmed down.

Of course, we were delighted when he walked in one day to place an order for some shirts and pants. I've never dealt with any of Danny's pants and I haven't been told what sort of trouble he has when buying store-bought pants. 

But, here are some common reasons as to why guys (and some girls) would need custom pants:

REASON: They have a thick seat area naturally or due to weight-lifting or sprint-heavy sports that increases mass in the gluteal muscles. 

EFFECT: Ready-made pants aren't cut with a deep enough and wide enough U-crotch. Hence, these types of pants usually feel really tight and uncomfortable in the seat and crotch area for people who have big behinds. They give the feeling of what some people call, a "wedgie". 


REASON: They have thick upper legs. 

EFFECT: Ready-made pants are usually cut by manufacturers to fit people with average-size legs. Basically, the general populace. Manufacturers don't make pants with thick-legged individuals in mind. Especially, in this day and age, when slim fit pants are the trend. The problem people with big legs encounter are usually a tight pulling across the front of the pants. One of the biggest visual indications of too-tight pant thighs are: Wide gaping pant pockets when standing still.


REASON: They fill out the seat area but not the waist of the pants. This problem arises when individuals have a thick behind and a narrow waist. This is the most common problem with athletic people.

EFFECT: When people with small waists and thick behinds put on pants, they will notice a gap in the back of their pant waist.

If you have any of the above issues with your pants, you might want to consider custom-made pants. This option will eliminate any discomfort and unsightly problems that store-bought pants may give you.

I love this picture (above). Very candid. Also happened at the spur of the moment. I almost missed this shot. Danny decided to switch his stance and I caught him at the right time!

Thanks for modelling, Danny! :)