Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Be Nice And You'll Get Your Cake

Tiramisu cake

Do you like stories? I like stories. Let me tell you one because I just can't keep a good story to myself.

One bright summer afternoon, I was rearranging the store merchandise and dusting the place. I usually have the door open to let in fresh air--especially when I'm cleaning. As I was sorting and moving some couple hundred rolls of fabric, I heard some loud sobbing alternating with some firm lecturing just outside the door.

Without going outside, I shifted my stance and tilted my head a little to peer out the door to see what the commotion was all about.

I saw a small boy crying his eyes out and someone who looked to be his father standing over him, telling him what he did wrong.

Aww, poor kid. Looks like he really got himself into trouble, I thought. I was watching long enough to know what the little boy had done to deserve a lecture. Just as I was about to turn around and get back to work, the dad saw me staring.

In my head: Oh crap. I got caught. Maybe I should wave to make it look like I'm friendly so he doesn't think I'm snooping and being creepy.

So I waved and smiled. (That's not so creepy right?)

I don't remember if the dad actually waved back but he brought the little boy into the store. (Guess I didn't come off as creepy. Phew!)

"Hello! Why are you crying? Did you do something bad?"


"What did you do?"

Daddy ushered him to tell me. "I jumped out of the truck." The boy murmured.

"He knows he's not supposed to jump out of the truck." The dad confirms.

"You learned your lesson right? Next time, don't jump out of the truck! You want a banana?"

(Yes, I offered the little boy a banana. Not candy. But a healthy wholesome banana. I thought a banana would cheer him up.)

"Yes." The little boy smiled shyly and took the banana in his hand. He didn't even wait and started chomping on it. He looked hungry.

The dad explained that he had had a long day of physical activities and was going to the bakery nearby to get some buns. So off they went.

Some several weeks went by and I saw them walk by again. The dad was taking the little boy back to the bakery to get grandma a mango cake for her birthday. "Oh, I like their mango cake. It's tasty." I said.

A few days later, the dad waltzed in with a box in his hand and gave it to me... "You like mango cake right?" he said to me.

What a very nice thing to do! I love random acts of kindness. Small things like these can make someone's day. I love being nice to people because you know they'll always be nice back--well, most of the time. I have faith in everyone.

It had been many months but I saw the dad walk by yesterday and wave to me through the glass. I waved back excitedly because it was like seeing an old friend.

About an hour later, he came in and handed me a box. "You like Tiramisu right?"

I took it trying not to laugh. "Yah. That's right. Tiramisu."

The moral of this story: You can be nosy and creepy but as long as you know how to be kind, you'll get cakes, though you may not get the right one everytime.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Not-Yet-Christmas Holiday Randomness

So Christmas is just around the corner...and, um, where's our snow? We're not getting enough of that frozen white stuff...but a whole lot of that nasty wet stuff. What was that thing about El Nina this winter we'd been seeing all over the newspapers? I'm sure many people ran out to get their cars fitted with snow tires after that epic record-breaking "snowstorm" in November that lasted for one whole day.

Those boys at Midas and Kal Tire are probably kicking back now, smokin' their cigars, and having a great ol' jolly good time while we're out here driving around in our excessively sticky cars, burning expensive fuel and big fat holes into our wallets. Why burn logs or coal this winter? Just throw your money into the fireplace! ;)

I'm not bitter at all. I love Christmas. It's one of those times when you can justify all your unnecessary purchases! "Ooooh, that's so cheap! Buy three, get three free! I'll keep three for myself and give three away as gifts. It's like I didn't even spent a single dime on gifts for other people."

Really? Did I really need to get SIX family size cans of "super hold" hairspray? Do people even use hairspray nowadays? If you have an Aunt Doris who still sports a giant cemented beehive, please shoot me a message.

Ahh.. a fine example of an unnecessary purchase. My brother bought this for me yesterday because it was so cheap that he felt like a fool if he hadn't bought it. I call it Mr. Easily Justifiable One Dollar Minature Imitation Leather Bear. Isn't it the cutest thing? Now, all I need to do is find a use for it.

$1.69 Peppermint Chocolate Sticks. I love you. It's like a Christmas party in my mouth!

I had this suit jacket made back in the summer when I first started this blog but never wore it. It didn't have any buttons then because my tailor decided that after two jackets, it was my turn to sew on my own buttons. And unfortunately for me, I'm gifted in procrastinating.

Half a year later, Anda concluded that I will never get around to it. So she did it for me. *grin*

This is Nathalie. She helps take my pictures sometimes. She's also a to-be-carrot-pant wearer. Guess what she's getting as a Christmas gift from Balsam Custom Tailors? Teehee.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How To Destroy Your Little Girl's Jeans--Or Yours

I had to destroy some poor little girl's cool-looking glittery jeans today. The mom came in and asked me to rip as many holes in her little girl's jeans as possible to make it look like tattered rags. Her daughter is playing poor little dirty "Oliver" in her school play.

To make a pair of brand new jeans look old and tattered is actually a lot harder than one might think. The process is long and tedious. It took me 2 hours to finish. Basically, you cut slits in the appropriate spots--places where friction is likely to happen (knees and bum are good spots) and rub the hell out of the areas with a very very tough scouring pad. All the while, you pull out white strands from the frayed edges. Then you keep scouring until you think the areas look very worn out and discoloured.

Little girl's jeans.

Glittery back.

Scouring pad and sturdy scissors.

Stuffed giant hard pillow (I really have know idea what this thing is called). My dad made it.

Insert pillow into pant leg.

Scour the spot like you're scouring the face of the person you really don't like. It makes time go by much faster and the job more enjoyable.

Girl-Oliver's pants. Cool as ice.

No bum rips for this little girl as it may be too revealing for a person of her age. See, I'm already practicing my parental discretion. I'll make a good mother some day. "Jane, no bum rips for you! Now eat your broccoli!"

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Real Mission Impossible

Ms.V came in one cold wet disgusting weekday. She took out a straw and an egg from her purse. "I want you to push this egg through this straw so it will come out intact on the other end." I stared blankly at her.

Okay, that didn't happen. What really did happen was this: Ms.V had ordered a wedding dress online a while back and received it just recently. Her wedding day was to take place in Mexico in less than two weeks. The dress was absolutely gorgeous and to die for, albeit one really important thing: it was at least 3 sizes too small for her and way too long.

Alterations on wedding dresses are common and almost no bride can pull a dress off the rack and claim that it fits perfectly. Usually, the dress requires a snip here and a trim there to make it fit the curves of the woman who'll be wearing it.

We had Ms.V put on the gown for us.

The front looked close to perfect but the backside was a different story. Ms.V needed another extra 4 inches at the widest point to be able to zip up the back zipper. At that point, I knew we had a huge problem. The first thing I normally do if a garment needs to be "let out" is to check the appropriate seams for enough fabric. There simply was nothing on Ms.V's dress to work with.

So much for letting out.

Anda and I scratched our heads and scratched again. We looked at each other and we looked at the dress. Then back at each other.

"Well, she's got to shorten her dress at the front. Why don't we take that piece and do something with it?" I said with a trace of doubt.

"We could do something with it. The idea of adding fabric is brilliant but how on earth do you add it on so that it will not interrupt the flow of the dress and make it fit the contours of her back?" Anda replied.

We were determined to figure this one out. We are known to do "magic" here and we weren't going to let this dress rob us of that reputation.

My mom and our team of talented seamstresses and tailors put their heads together and came up with a wonderful solution:

First fitting. Our idea worked!

Thanks to the concealing wrap style back, you wouldn't even know that we did work on the dress.

Ms. V looking so stunning in her gorgeous embellished gown. I love the train of this dress! So classy and flattering!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jack Frost Bit My Nose. And Now I've Gone Mad.

Tailored jacket with ruched sides..mmm, tailored jackets.

Don't ask me what this is. I really don't know how to explain it to you. I don't ride horses. I don't like horses. It's too late to call it a Halloween costume. This is the product of a cold numb brain and my yearning for the season 4 of Mad Men dvd set to come out (think Betty Draper--I love her riding clothes). Pretty creative cold numb brain huh?

Cold weather's good. Cold Vancouver rain bad.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Your New Religion Awaits

Did you ever hear about that girl who has this big unconquerable infatuation with pleated pants?

I'm sure you have if you follow my blog. Who else loves pleats more than me? Who else dares wear pleated carrot pants more often than me? I'm probably the only girl in this world with a blog containing so many pictures of herself wearing carrot pants of all types! I'd like to be wrong. I want to meet fellow carrot pant wearers. Come forth, carrot pant wearers!

Let me tell you something: I'm here to help you attain pleated pant enlightenment. Overcome your fear of wearing these funny clown pants. Let me reach out to you!

Winter is all about layering and wearing unexpected bold prints! Cindy is all about wearing pleated pants. Follow Cindy to pleated pant paradise!

Sorry, I didn't mean to glare. But I also think it's weird to smile at nobody.

My beloved followers, if you think I've gone mad--rest assured, I have not. This behavior might just be induced by a 3 day old already-bitten-into Thomas Haas cake I found in the back of the fridge. Mmmm, 3 day old half eaten chocolate cake that somebody didn't want... Did you know that I once ate a slice of ham that fell on the hairy kitchen floor? Nothing a good rinse doesn't fix.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Girls Love Sparkly Things Like Diamonds. But I Will Settle For a Sparkly Jacket.

Another drab cold dark rainy day. People who prefer to be cozied up in their offices and homes help create some down time for us. Hey guys, what's wrong with a little wetness?! Get off your bums and march on in here for some holiday suits and shirts and some nifty alterations before you get snowed in later this week!!

I try hard to keep myself entertained while the city is in sleep mode. Posting on this blog is one way. And plus I've realized I've been gone from here for a little longer than I wanted to. So here I am.

Wow, news flash. It's already snowing in parts of Vancouver--a customer just told me.

So the holidays are just around the corner. Christmas music is playing in coffee shops, at the malls, on my Sirius radio and in my head. Christmas is fun especially when there is snow. Shoveling snow is one of my favourite winter pastimes. It's good winter workout.

Christmas is great because you get invited to go to parties and dinners, hence generating multiple opportunities for you to look dashing and unforgettable. What's a good way to make an impressive entrance that will make others green with envy? Wear something sparkly!

T'is the season to be decked out in sequin, metallic apparel, and sparkles. Guys can do this too!

I love sparkly clothes, not just the subtle kind, but the REAL sparkly kind. If you dare, wear sparkles to the office! Here's how not to over do it and still look cool and professional:

Sparkly jacket with shoulder pads (I'm so stuck in the 80's)

Crotch shot! Grey pleated pants rolled up (another 80's inspired pant)

Oxford style open toe wedges, a dash of modern retro. You won't believe that I only paid $16.99 for them on asos.com --they were on sale. They're super comfortable.

Shoes so cool, they knock my socks off! But I keep them on for some warmth at this time.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

She`s So Blessed

Ayaka came in one day, inspired by pictures she saw online, to order two custom-made items: The first was a sheath dress and the second was a form fitting panel pencil skirt. We were all very excited, like giggly school girls. Girls love beautiful clothes so how could we have contained ourselves?

Ayaka needed these things custom-made for a really impressive reason: She's got a skinny waist and--well, a full behind not commonly found on *cough* Asian girls. She has a hard time finding clothes that actually fit her in both places at the same time. It`s custom-made to the rescue!

This is how we saved her:

Custom Made Wool Panel Skirt with Lining: SPECIAL PRICE $155

Custom Made Wool Sheath Dress with Lining: $280

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Website in the Making (Part One)

One of my tasks today is designing suit samples for the new website gallery. Like my flower shaped memo stickers?

I love men's suits. I love how a suit can transform any average Joe into a million bucks. A suit screams power. A suit commands respect. But most importantly, a suit gives a man confidence.

The idea of designing and putting together men's outfits for a photoshoot brings me immense joy and carrying out this task will be a blast.

I am very big on classic looks that are coupled with a hint of modernism and elegance. Timeless pieces are forever popular, so investing in a great classic suit isn't a bad idea.

If you're a guy who loves to set yourself apart from other Joes, opt for some non-traditional key details on your suit or be even bolder and pick an interesting fabric--like a metallic cloth or one with a check pattern. Consider your colour options too.

I can't wait to show you what I have in mind!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Leather and Cashmere Go Hand In Hand

A long-time customer came in a couple of days ago, excitedly waving a piece of paper with a picture of a sweater printed on it. She asked us to help her replicate a look she found online. She wanted a similar look to what was on her paper. And so we made her wish come true. :)

Left: Balsam Custom Tailors creation for $70 + HST (Cutting and Sewing Leather Patches Only)/Right: Pringle of Scotland sold for $1,195 on net-a-porter.com

Monday, November 1, 2010

When The World Turns, You Don't Want To Get Left Behind

Hello World! I've got a happy announcement to make. As you know (if you've been following my blog long enough), Balsam Custom Tailors have been providing awesome quality service and products to customers since inception. I hope you agree. And if you don't quite, just know that we strive to deliver the best to you always.

This business was started 36 years ago in Hong Kong by my father who had begun his apprenticeship at the tender age of 16. During that time, it never crossed his mind that he would be coming to Canada, bringing with him the skills in traditional tailoring and his dedication to the art.

Our first store in Canada opened in Richmond, British Columbia in 1990 when I was 7. I used to spend the day after school watching my mom and dad run their business. Whenever I got tired, I crawled up to one of the big work tables and took a nap. My little brother did the same.

It probably is a surprise to my dad that I am helping to run this rarity of a business.

The old times are gone but not forgotten. I think it's about time we embraced the benefits of modern technology. Next time you try to look us up online, you'll find that you won't just be met with this blog but a real website!

I've been working with a Japanese designer who shares the same sense of style that I have in terms of visual aesthetics. I would LOVE to tell you more about it--but I think the finished project will speak for itself.

Keep following me for news and fabulous promotional offers to come!

Friday, October 29, 2010

KFC Double Down? Move Aside!

No hard work ever goes unrewarded. Our customers let us know that in the form of little gifts. Today, we received the most unusual gift and one that will make your stomach churn.

Mr. Eddy Ng is our most loyal customer to date--purchasing on average 7 suits a year from us. We call him the "chicken man" because he is the owner of the famous Wing Tat Free-Range Chicken Farm. Mr.Ng is a boisterous 84 year old man who speaks a Chinese dialect that, to me, sounds like how Cantonese sounds to a non-Cantonese speaking person--funny and noisy. I speak Cantonese myself and I have to admit, it's one of the most unpleasant sounding languages in the world.

I like Mr. Ng because he's interesting and he's familiar. My day probably wouldn't be complete if I didn't see him walk by our store on the way to the grocery store and back, but always stopping by to give my mother and I each a banana. Sometimes he switches it up with apples and oranges to spice things up a little.

Mr. Ng walked by today and surprised us with--not bananas or apples--but a frozen WHOLE free-range chicken with a head, eyeballs, guts, feet and all.

Oh, Mr.Ng! What a generous gift!

My mom was so excited about this chicken that, immediately when she got home, she stripped it of its skin and chucked it into a boiling pot of Chinese wholesome goodness made of herbs.

*Warning: The following pictures are graphic and may make you sick to the stomach. Readers' discretion is advised. And for those of you who like sick things, scroll down. And for those of you who are Chinese, disregard this warning--I'm sure you've seen this and worse before.

You sick Chinese people...what don't you eat?!

This ain't no rubber chicken.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sparkle Suit

Mr. Leung walked in one day looking to order two different suits for his wedding day: One for the ceremony and another for the evening banquet.

For his evening suit, Leung already knew what he wanted--something shiny!

What a bold idea! A wedding is such a special thing in one's lifetime, I believe that a person should indulge and do what he/she desires--forget what other people think!

I looked for the shiniest, sparkliest material that we had and Leung picked a sparkly black that when finished looks metallic.

I was quite impressed with his selection. Under normal daylight, his suit looks like a normal black suit with sheen. When under dramatic lighting, the suit automatically sparkles and shines.

Leung, just make sure you don't outshine your bride ;)

Black fabric that sparkles under dramatic lighting.

About 3 weeks later, Leung came in to try on his suit.

Leung could hardly contain his excitement. Look at that awesome half grin!

Metallic Black Custom Made Suit: $580+HST

Leung later picked out his favourite material for the suit he will wear to walk down the aisle. Now we all anxiously wait to see the finished product.

Thanks for sharing Mr.Leung!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Teleportation Would Be Nice

This is a cheaper alternative to invisible mending (that--referring to invisible mending, if done properly, can make your pants look like it never ripped). Sadly, it costs an arm and a leg--for good reasons because it's painstaking hard work.

Right before your eyes are the very pants that Aviation Geek Boy (currently sick but recovering nicely) grieved over in Korea. They were torn at the back pocket. He didn't know what to do and he needed it fixed ASAP, so he called me for help. Check this post: A Distant Cry for Help

I am happy to say his pants are now fixed! It wasn't fixed in Korea though since it was near impossible for him to find a reliable clothing repair place (he found a few but they said they couldn't/wouldn't do this type of repair)--let alone, communicate in fluent Korean what he wanted.

I bet you're sitting on the edge of your seat, dying to know where he got his pants fixed.

Let me spare you the agony of waiting and guessing:

The answer is: HERE. Balsam Custom Tailors.

In desperation, the Boy carried his torn pants and together they travelled 8163.64 km on an airplane from Seoul to here with the hope of having his pants fixed. They arrived safely yesterday morning--Boy still sick but okay, pant still in pant-like form. The little pant problem has been remedied but it's beyond words how sad I am to know that the Boy and his pants will fly back to Seoul first thing tomorrow morning.


OK. I lied. He didn't just come to get his pants repaired. He came to visit me.

$1400. 10 hour flight. 2 nights in Vancouver.

This. Is. Love. Baby.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Reasons Why I Like My Job

Yes, people. You can actually like your job.

The number one reason why I like my job is because it's a family business. I help overlook and actively take part in all aspects of it. From front floor work (i.e. sales, consultations, fittings) to backstage work (i.e. quality control, inventory, book-keeping) to marketing and research to simple clerical stuff.

Unlike a job where you're working for somebody else, this one you really have to give it all you got. What you bring in is a direct reflection of how hard you work. While other people are on their Christmas holidays, we stay behind to continue to work. We work hard to make sure you get that stunning suit to wear to your company's big New Years party--so you can attract ladies like a jar of honey attracts bees. And ladies, we do the same for you ;)

Being able to watch something grow because of your own effort is amazing. It's satisfying and encourages you to keep doing better. And how do you know that you're doing okay?

When your customers verbally tell you that you are awesome!

I've received many little gifts over the years from our customers who wanted to show their appreciation for us: from personal photographs from their vacations to coffee to gift vouchers to mango cakes to novels and most commonly: FLOWERS!

A nice English lady by the name of Katy came in with a little bouquet of very exotic looking flowers from her garden. I smiled from ear to ear when she handed them over to me. I love little gifts like these. They totally make my day!

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Distant Cry For Help

This morning, I received a phone call from Aviation Geek Boy in Korea. The conversation went something like this:

AGB: Cindy, did you get my email?! Something happened to my suit.
Me: What happened to your suit?
AGB: There's a big hole in my pants. I don't know how that happened. What can I do?
Me: Find a tailor and get it fixed. Or just get a new suit. But don't throw away your old suit. Your pants can be fixed.
AGB: Cindy, this is Korea! They wear shiny suits here. I don't want a shiny suit.
Me: Well, then just bring your pants to a tailor.

(I wish I could be more helpful Aviation Geek Boy but when you're thousands of miles away, there's really not much I or my tailors can do for you. He he he.)

This was the attached image. First generation iPhone picture quality. Tsk tsk.

Just a word of advice for anybody who travels for work: always pack more than one suit or at least an extra pair of matching trousers.

That's why I always advise any customer when he/she is ordering a suit to get two pairs of pants instead of the one because pants wear out way faster than the jacket. It's next to impossible to get an exact pair made again because styles are always changing and suiting manufacturers don't normally do repeats.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rainy Day Blues

It's cold. It's wet. It's disgusting. It's Fall. It's October. It's Vancouver. Welcome to the city where you only get a week of real summer weather while all the rest of the year you get dreadful wet winter. I'm sure many people in this city agree with me, that's why they're not showing up at the store today but hiding in their abode, curled up on the couch with a good book and a hot cup of white chocolate drink. Oh how I actually wish it was snowing and not pissing rain. Snow to me is joyous and thrilling. Rain means I shouldn't get out of bed but go back to sleep. It's amazing how snow and rain instill such different feelings in people when they're essentially the same stuff.

So instead of twiddling my thumbs till they bleed, I've decided to update my blog with nothing very important. This one isn't about what I'm making or having altered. It's what I threw together in two minutes before rushing out the door (See? Rain makes me want to stay in bed longer.) I think I did okay. It's one of those no-brainer outfits. Long shirt, leggings, belt, cool jacket, pumps, DONE!

Lookin' awfully stiff there.

I love my ruched leggings. Got them as a gift from my sister. They feel more like pants than leggings. While we're on the topic of leggings, I wish people wouldn't wear leggings as pants: It means you should always wear a shirt that covers your bum. It's raunchy and not very attractive to show off your bum in tight TIGHT apparel. Please be considerate of the people standing below you on the escalator.

All this rain is depressing. I guess there's one thing I can be excited about today. I found the buttons I want on my thrifted Versace jacket at half off from Fabricana. What would have costed me 12 bucks came out as 6. Life is good.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

This Is What My Dreams Are Made Of

As if the first post on pleated pants wasn't enough. I'm going to make you LOVE pleated pants when I'm done here.

Anyway, I thought I'd show you this pair because I'm so thrilled with it. I am absolutely in love with this one--along with the 10 other pairs of carrot pants I own (ok, the number's been exaggerated but I promise you I will get there).

I had placed an order with my sister from Hong Kong to get me a pair of really nice pleated pants over there. And this is what she came up with. Amazing. Love it to death.

I kept this look minimal: two different colours, zero jewelry, and a pair of simple strappy snakeskin heels. The reason? I want the focus to be on the drapey effect this ensemble makes. Simple is good. Drapey is good too.

I finished off this look with a pair of my dad's vintage Bruce Lee-style sunglasses. They're from the late 60's. I've got a pair of my mom's vintage sunglasses too but that will have to wait.

Oh and special thanks to my good friend Katherine from London for bringing me such a royal looking pillow! I love it!

Until next time, have a super duper awesome Thanksgiving everybody!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

80's Carrot Pants, Back with a Vengeance

I'm an 80's child. I remember the neon slap-on bracelets. I remember the New Kids On The Block and that one of my sisters had the biggest crush on Joe. I remember the scrunchies and the poofy hair. I remember carrying my very own Fraggle Rock lunch box to school. I remember the funny clown pants that my mom wore called "carrot pants." Aaah, carrot pants. You either hate them or you love them.

Who knew they'd be dominating the runways this Fall? They started appearing last spring in the form of jumpsuits. This season, wear your carrot pants with your shirts tucked inside them.

Carrot pants aren't a girl's best friend and can be very tricky to wear. They're not a widely accepted style of pant among the ladies but the gents have been wearing their version (pleated trousers) since dress pants came into existence. As the name describes, they make your legs look like carrots. Here are several things to keep in mind when you want to try this look:

1. Tuck your shirt in to minimize bulk at the top.

2. Wear a high-waisted pair to elongate your legs.

3. Wear high-heels.

4. Use a skinny belt to cinche out your waist.

I hope this style is here to stay for a while. Contrary to popular belief, pleated pants on women could be quite flattering if you wear them right. They can give you long legs and hips. Why not try a pair? In our society, we're conditioned to think skinny is good, skinny is sexy, skinny is what all women should look like. I feel like such a rebel wearing carrot pants! Screw you, North American beauty ideals!

Because I love carrot pants so much, I had 3 pairs custom made by Balsam Custom Tailors. I actually had gone shopping for them before I decided to get them made but none of the pants I tried on really fit me. I also had the fabric I wanted in mind.

Custom-made pants:
Labour only - starts at $149
Labour with material included - starts at $169

Beige Light-Weight English Wool Pleated Pants:

Olive Green Cotton Polyester Pleated Pants:

Black Satin (Bought from Dressew @ $5/meter) Super High-Waist Pleated Pants:

For this last pair (black pants), I actually had it copied from the picture below. I liked the style but I didn't like the material. I wanted a bit of sheen and rigidness to the pants so I got satin for my tailor to work with. He added belt loops so I could wear a belt sometimes.

Picture from Lulus.com

Photography by Cindy Wu