Tuesday, December 1, 2015

White Wedding Dress Alternative

Here is Sarita wearing her brand new wedding outfit. The veil adds a really nice elegant touch to the crisp white suit.

A picture Sarita sent us so we could model her suit after this one.

It's always a joy for us when somebody comes in with a suit idea. This time, it was an idea for an unconventional wedding outfit which I love so much: A clean and crisp white ladies' suit. 

The best thing about this suit that Sarita wanted us to make is that it's not your typical slim fit suit that's been dominating the fashion scene for the past 5-6 years. Sarita wanted a tailored suit that is comprised of a tailored jacket plus a pair of double-pleated wide-leg palazzo pants--a refreshing departure from the skinny pants. If you don't already know, wide-leg pants and flared bottoms are making a huge comeback. 

I've known Sarita for several years now. She and her family has been coming to us for their tailoring needs since as long as I've been working at Balsam Tailors (coming up 7 years! Woohoo!). It's always a pleasure to see her and her mom walk through the door. All of us somehow always end up chatting for at least an hour on any topic you can think of.

That one day Sarita told me that she was getting married, I nearly cried. I love happy occasions. 

Working with Sarita on her suit was a blast and I even got a big hug at the end when it was all finished!

Congratulations Sarita on your marriage and I can't wait for our next chat session! :)