Saturday, May 28, 2011

Good Evening, I Would Like To Dance The Night Away With You Under The Moonlight

Everyone, this is Ethan. He's a nice boy. He's also the owner of that handsome dinner jacket in my previous post. He likes long walks on the beach, classical music, brandy, dogs and a full night of slow waltz.

You believe me? Peut-ĂȘtre.

Actually, the last time I asked, he's into soccer and has plans to attend college in North Carolina. He's even got a scholarship to go play there. I doubt he likes brandy or waltzing.

Thank you Ethan. Good luck on all your future endeavors.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

60's Shawl Collar Dinner Jacket. Yes, Another Retro Piece.

I am so absolutely in love with this dinner jacket. My knees buckled when I arrived into work and saw this handsome piece of art hanging on our door. It is a collaboration between our talented seamstress and tailor. What a nice surprise to walk into.

Okay, it wasn't really a surprise. I knew about it but wasn't expecting such stunning craftsmanship. You could tell a lot of love was put into this one. Retro shawl collar, hand-made covered tux buttons. What a beauty.

This is a piece commissioned by a young man with discerning taste who will be attending his highschool prom this Saturday. Whoever will be on his arm is certainly a lucky girl.

I can't wait to see this jacket on its new owner!

Custom Made Dinner Jacket: Labour Only $450 + HST

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Style Guide: How To Dress For a Grad Show

When wearing a super widespread collar, be sure to tie a fat WINDSOR KNOT.

This is Kevin. He's my kid brother, if you don't already know. He's also an incredibly talented interior design student at BCIT. He'll be finishing up his program in the next several weeks. Here is his portfolio:

We ask each other a lot for opinions on our creative work and give each other brutal critiques. We inspire each other even though we have very different tastes in what is "pleasing to the eye".

He's got a knack for 3-D space, materials and color co-ordination while I am more adept in working with textures, 2-D composition, light and style cohesion.

It was his grad show yesterday and he approached me for some help in putting together an outfit that reflected who he was. Young, upbeat, creative and serious about his work. He basically needed to look like a young professional.

Here's what immediately came to mind:

[Fitted Button Up Sweater] - the snug fit makes the outfit trendy and young
[Crisp White Shirt] - easiest way to show "professionalism"
[Chinos] - comfy but still smart-looking
[Colour Scheme] - Neutral tones so he could acessorize his outfit with a punch of colour that'll make him memorable by potential employers

With all things put together, here's what he looked like:

I help photo-document his work quite a bit and this is what he wanted photographed the other day. That'll be my beach house one day ;)

Custom Made White Egyptian Cotton Shirt: $170 + HST

Monday, May 2, 2011

David, Our Retro Hero!

Meet our new face for this month's suit modeling competition. It's David Hahlen for Balsam Custom Tailors versus all the other Vancouver males out there.

When it comes to men's style, David is like a breath of fresh air. He's got a unique sense of style coupled with a great personality. He came in with ideas inspired by vintage suits he saw online. VINTAGE! I. Love. Vintage. Anything!

I immediately spotted in this guy the potential to look amazing! Even though David had his ideas, he was still open to our suggestions about what would look best on him. He wanted a classic 3-piece suit to wear for his wedding (that is to take place next week--congratulations again!) and plus fifty other more weddings he'll be attending this year.

We like David. I like David. David is a great guy. If today wasn't the Federal Election Day but the Best Dressed Man of the Year Election Day and David was a candidate, he'd be getting MY vote ;)

I would also like to mention that I was absolutely blown away with David's modelling skills. He just got into position, at the snap of a finger, hesitation-free. If you're a modelling agency and you're reading this, David is your MAN!

In our eyes, David had already won first place. We presented him this little humble gift of retro cufflinks. I thought they matched his style perfectly. Actually, we gave him these because he had walked in with flapping French cuffs. I thought he looked really silly. He'd fractured his precious glass ones unfortunately.

Thank you David for letting Balsam Tailors share you with the world! We hope to see you again soon. :)

Custom 3-piece Suit: $1060+ (HST not included)