Thursday, October 18, 2012

What Do You Get When You Cut A Dress In Half?

Beaded Floral Skirt. Another one of our creations :)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Time to Relearn the Words to "Little Boy Blue"

This is Ryan Gosling in a custom-made Salvatore Ferragamo shiny blue tuxedo (HELLO!). A real eye-opener, right? Who knew adding a new twist (using the colour blue instead of black) to a classic look could be so FUN? And who knew it would make an already very good-looking man into a jaw-dropping, mouth-watering stunner? 

He's no "Little Boy Blue" that's for sure. "6 Foot Hot Man Blue" anyone? 

One of our customers had found these pictures of Ryan's slim and shiny blue tux and requested that we make him something similar for his wedding day. So we quickly got to work and here is our rendition:

While Ryan's suit looks like it's made of silk, our version is made of a wool blend (which is very affordable!) that has a subtle sheen which is stylish and beckons for your attention. With this suit on, who needs a horn? ;)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Yup, that's exactly what I said upon meeting Narinder for the very first time. I shook his hand and told him straight up his eyes were stunning. They're as bold as the colour of our Moraine Lake in Baff! Isn't that right, Narinder? (I know you're reading this and nodding!)

This sturdy handsome man came in looking for a simple, sleek three-piece custom suit. As a matter of fact, he was convinced to choose us as his tailors after having read the Balsam blog! :)

Nowadays, the trend is to wear something that is simple and tasteful for your big day so that later on, you can where your outfit again for many other occasions. It's a budget-friendly way to go. Who doesn't want to save money? Have a look at what Narinder chose for his big day: A heather gray wool-blend three-piece, custom-made to perfection with lotsa looooove, guaranteed fit--all under $700! Tell me that is not an attractive price?

What I love most about Narinder is his high level of enthusiasm. I asked if he wanted to be showcased on our blog and he responded, not just positively, but he was brimming with excitement! Haha.. It sure got me excited!

Thank you Narinder for being an awesome customer! :)