Saturday, March 23, 2013

Accessorize Your Suit With A Book

Meet Peter. No, he's not a rabbit. He's a young, bubbly, smart and charismatic UBC student. He's also a very happy man. I don't know why he's so happy but my instincts tell me it's because of the *cough* $499 wool-blend slim-fit navy blue suit we made for him? Could've been the sun too. Who knows...

I never asked him about the ear-to-ear smile because I think some things in life are better left unasked. I did, however, asked him about the book he was reading:

Sheryl Sandberg is the COO of Facebook, ranked as one of the top 50 most powerful women in business in the Fortune's list. In her book, she offers an in-depth look backed up by hard data of why women struggle to keep up with men when it comes to leadership roles in their industries, as well as her own personal advice and techniques for women on how to push their careers forward. Sounds like an interesting read and something I might pick up. Here's a better description of the book and reviews on it: click here.

Looks like a very impressive book with all the 4/5 star reiviews. But you know what else is impressive? THIS:

Peter in our suit, just signing a piece of paper but looking like a million dollars ;D

100% Customizable Shirts For Guys & Girls

Choose from our selection of 80% Cotton & 20% Dacron blend and our 100% fine brushed Cotton as the base for your shirt and build from there! 

All of the following shirt parts are COMPLETELY customizable to fit your size and your style:

1. Collar - Here's a post that covers collar styles that I blogged a couple years back --> Collar Styles

2. Cuffs - Click here from my post on shirt cuffs ---> Shirt Cuffs

3. Backside Pleats - Ah, I also blogged about that too! --> Shirt Pleats

4. Front Side - No post about this one yet but refer to the photos down below for an example of what a shirt with a placket flap looks like. Stylish right? The colour of it is customizable. 

5. Hem Line - Do you want it to be round or straight? It's entirely up to you!

6. Chest Pockets - To have or not to have? You call the shots. You want pocket flaps too? No problem :)

7. Fit- Comfy or slim? Just tell us and we'll cut the shirt the way you like it to fit.

8. Extra Details - Shoulder tabs, sleeve tabs, vents on the sides, unique collar styles...we'd like to hear about your ideas.

So what's your style? Here are some questions to consider when deciding on a style:

Do you want to look conservative?
Do you want to look hip and stand out?
Are you wearing the shirt under a suit? 
Are you wearing it on its own?
Is it casual wear? 

And what fabric should you choose?

Will you be travelling for work?
How are you going to clean your shirts?
What's your budget?
Is comfort more important or is ease of wearing more important?
What kind of climate would you be wearing it in?

Customizable shirts are a great way to express yourself. It's also affordable ($148 and up) and will look good on you! Ladies, don't forget about the SHIRT DRESS! Light and breathable. Great for spring and summer!