Saturday, February 25, 2012

Che Guevara Look-Alike Treks In Tailor-Made Clothes

What's this? I don't write for a month and then BAM! 2 posts in a day?!

Sooo, wondering what this post is about? It is exactly what the title says. Our customer "Andrew" (an alias) wanted to remain anonymous, so I can only give you front & back shots and butt shots of him. He really reminds me of Che.

Andrew is a real character. A young adventurer/explorer with old-school taste living in the modern world. He lives in jungles, paddles up rivers and climbs mountains in beautiful expensive clothes and gets them repaired over and over again as they wear out. He prefers to write about his adventures in his journal instead of recording them with a modern day digital camera like all the rest of us boring folks.

We're making him a  set of  nice wool waistcoat and pant that he will wear for probably the next 10 years...

I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of mending for him... ;) 

 Standing rigidly for a fitting.

Making the pants leaner.

Unfinished backside of his waistcoat.

This Year, I'm All About LEAN!

One of the perks about working at a custom clothing store is that I HAVE TO wear nice clothes made by us. Haha! For the past two Springs, I was totally into the whole pleated carrot pant look. This year, I've decided that I would slim down the silhouette and sport some leaner, sleeker-looking hip hugging dress pants. But I kid you not, this SPRING, for guys, IT IS ALL ABOUT THE PLEATED PANT LOOK. Let me dig up some samples and show you in my next post. 

It's really cold and windy out today. I had trouble unshrugging my shoulders! But nevermind that. Just look at my pants!!!!

OK, this one's better.

Close up pant shot. I love the checks. And navy is such a great colour. Pair it with a thin brown belt to make it less like office-attire.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Get What You Really Want

Spotted something you like in the magazine? Rip it out, bring it here. Saw something you like online and you're inspired by it? Print it out, bring it here. Dreamed of something you like last night? Jot it down, bring it here.

Whatever it is that you want your body to be clad in, the Balsam crew will be happy to make it into reality.

One of our long time customers was inspired by Princess Di's vacation dress, one she wore in the Carribbean on March 23, 1990. She liked it and requested a similar dress made in white.  I can see her wearing it to a lovely Spring garden party with a wide brim hat and dainty white gloves :)

She hasn't tried on the dress yet since the fitting. I can't wait to see what the finished dress looks like on her!