Thursday, April 5, 2012

For The Boys: Mixing Business Attire with Casual Wear

In today's post, I will be showcasing two of SPRING 2012's hottest trends for guys--mixed together!

Trend 1: Light grey anything!
Trend 2: Bold patterned shirts!


I'm really a big fan of blazers. Whether you're a guy or a girl, you really have no excuse to not have a blazer in your closet.  A clean, simple blazer with a slim-cut is a staple closet item.  It never goes out of style, ever

Gents, if you have a full suit, consider wearing it as separates like Nathan. What he has done here is literally mix a business suit jacket with a casual shirt and jeans to create a hip and urban look. 

You can't possibly go wrong with a suit jacket like this. Keep it lean and simple.

A lean cut means the jacket should hug your curves, including the small of your back. Lean does not mean undersized. Lean does not mean uncomfortable. If you get pulling in the front of the jacket when you have the top button done up, that means it's too tight! 

Black and white shirt with white cuffs and collars! My FAVOURITE COMBO. So glad I convinced him to get one made! No more boring white shirts, Nathan!