Monday, December 16, 2013

Michael & Ivy's Wedding

A few months ago, we were asked by Michael and Ivy to produce a very unique piece called a frock coat that was popularly worn by men of the Victorian and Edwardian era. We honestly don't get a lot of requests from guys to have long coats made for their weddings anymore because the trend for the groom nowadays is to have a suit made in such a way that he will be able to wear it again for work after the wedding.

We knew it'd be a very special wedding since the couple had revealed that their wedding date will be on Halloween and that guests were going to dress up in accordance to the couple's chosen theme.

Have a look at Michael and Ivy's wedding pictures here

I love that Michael added a pop of jewel tone to his ensemble! So vibrant and elegant-looking!

Thank you Michael and Ivy for inviting us to help make the wedding day theme complete :)