Monday, May 16, 2016

Never-old Navy!

Navy is still a very sought after colour for suits. Requests for navy suits haven't declined at all. They are a favourite and staple for young professionals. 

Take a look at how amazing navy looks on this dashing young professional: 

I'm so happy to call this dashing young professional MY FRIEND! Haha. He's my friend, Jonathan and I am so happy that he came back again for a 2ND suit! The first time we made him a grey pin stripe suit and he wore it really well. He made our suit look so good!

I have to say, he looks EVEN better in navy! You know how some people just wear certain colours better than others? Well, my friend here wears navy extremely well. I tell him he looks like the CEO of a blue chip company ;)

Thank you Jonathan for coming back! We'll see you again for your 3rd suit? ;)